The specialist gave advice on choosing a camp for a child

Boris Nosov, head of the Partisan Camp in Kolomna, told how to choose a camp for a child.
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Demand for children’s camps in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory fell due to problems with logistics and proximity to Ukraine

In an interview with Radio 1 on Thursday, May 26, Nosov said that the camp, first of all, should have a sanitary conclusion.

Also, parents should make inquiries about how camp security is organized, since there should be both it and a safety data sheet of the facility.

According to him, these questions can be asked when buying a ticket or directly to the camp management, writes RT. If it is nearby, then you can get there and see everything on the spot, according to the 360 ​​TV channel.

Nosov added that in some institutions for summer holidays, children are forbidden to use phones and other electronic devices, writes Moskva 24.

He also pointed out that doctors always work in the camps – a doctor or a paramedic, it depends on the number of children.

On May 24, Governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov spoke about the preparations for organizing children’s recreation in the region’s summer camps. According to the official, there are 115 children’s camps in the Moscow region, 85 of which fall under the cashback program.

According to Vorobyov, in the summer of 2022, about 470 thousand children will be able to rest in the camps of the region.

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