The villages of the Kherson region are shelled, the locals think “disassembly of the occupiers”

Villages are being shelled in the Kherson region, local deputy Dmitry Burlai admits that different groups of invaders are sorting out relations with each other.

Source: Dmitry Burlay from Novovorontsovsk in the Novovorontsovshchina News group on Facebook

Details: According to Burlay, the villages of Novovoskresenskoye and Dudchany were shelled on May 24th.

According to eyewitnesses, on Tuesday morning, the Russians shelled the village of Novovoskresenskoye with cluster shells, and in the evening they “bombarded the entire village” with anti-personnel high-explosive mines “Lepestok”: about 1,000 units flew into the village.

“People don’t know what to do, all the yards, streets are in them, they collect them at their own risk to remove them from the yard. The invaders themselves don’t know what to do,” Burlai wrote.

The village of Dudchany, judging by the trajectory of the shells, was fired from the direction of Lepetikha. There are destruction of houses and unexploded shells.

“The residents themselves did not understand the reasons for such shelling. And such reports come from many eyewitnesses. It turns out that some groups of invaders are conducting some kind of showdown among themselves,” Burlai wrote.

According to him, on May 25, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a precision strike against the enemy. With the support of heavy equipment, aviation and artillery, 2 enemy armored personnel carriers and some positions (including dugouts) of the enemy along the front line in the Kherson region were neutralized

“There is confirmation of the neutralization of a certain amount of infantry of the occupiers,” the deputy added.

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