TikToker’s ‘pro tip’ warns vacationers against checking out pool bar: ‘Disgusts me’

A woman on TikTok is issuing a warning to all travelers that the swim-up bar commonly found at hotels and resorts may look cool but should be avoided.

“Vacation pro tip: Avoid the pool with the swim-up bar,” TikTok user @twofoodpiggies advised in the video. “There were literally intoxicated guests admitting that they were peeing in the pool here.”


One girl didn’t understand why some people were leaving the pool to use the washroom 😳 #riubajacalifornia #swimupbar #poolaccident
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The video shows people hanging out at the swim-up bar at a resort in Cabo, Mexico, according to the tags included on TikTok.

“One girl didn’t understand why some people were leaving the pool to use the washroom,” @twofoodpiggies alleged in the video’s caption.
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In 2019, the CDC even issued a plea for people to stop peeing in pools after the Sachs Media Group conducted an online survey that found out that 40% of the 3,100 Americans interviewed admitted to peeing in pools.

Pee in the toilet, not in the pool! When people pee in the pool, it leaves less chlorine available to kill germs. Learn more: https://t.co/JKVOFM84nU. pic.twitter.com/KSl9DFWQ1C
— CDC (@CDCgov) May 28, 2019

Pools are filled with chlorine to protect swimmers from germs and outbreaks. When someone pees in the pool, it decreases chlorine’s effectiveness and can contribute to skin irritation and respiratory symptoms.

Over 2,000 people chimed in on @twofoodpiggies’s video — with some identifying as former competitive swimmers or water polo players and claiming this wasn’t that gross to them.

“As a collegiate swimmer, I promise we all peed in the pool every day,” one person said.
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“I don’t even go in the swim-up pool [I] just watch how long some people stay in the water,” another added. “They all do [it].”

“The amount of people admitting peeing in a pool in this comment section disgusts me,” a top comment says.

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