Tom Grennan Reveals About Being Maliciously Assaulted Outside a New York Bar

Singer-songwriter Tom was forced to cancel a gig last month while he was sitting outside a New York City pub – but he’s determined not to let the horrific incident bring him down. hope

Singer-songwriter Tom Grennan has opened up about the horrific attack he suffered in New York last month during his US tour.

The 26-year-old Little Bit Of Love hitmaker was assaulted outside a bar after a performance in Manhattan, knocking him unconscious, leaving him with a ruptured ear, torn eardrum, concussion and other mental problems. The jawbone had previously been broken.

The British star was forced to cancel a later date in Washington when doctors assessed his injuries.

Looking back on the incident, in which he was also robbed, Grennan told The Sun: “I really went to the wrong part of town, stupid. I went for a few drinks after a show to celebrate, and I don’t really know New York, but it turned out to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

“I couldn’t let it ruin the experience and neither will I, I will never forget that trip and we went to Australia shortly after. It was the most incredible year or two for me. ”

At the time, fans were shocked to hear of the attack, with one Twitter follower writing: “Oh my god, my God… I’m in shock. What the hell is going on on this planet? I have no words, get well soon Tom. ”

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Another wrote: “I still can’t believe it. I can’t help but imagine the scene of the attack. I feel very sad for you.

“Give us the news as soon as possible. Hope you get well soon, Tom. You are a very beautiful person. This world is inhumane.”

It was a rapid rise to stardom for the promising ex-footballer, who was once in the books of Luton Town, but who ended a potential professional career he didn’t think of. that I can do it. Instead, he focused on his studies before picking up the guitar, teaching himself to play and performing gigs around London, writing his own songs.

He was spotted playing in a pub in Finsbury Park, as he explained: “I was surprised when I was in the pub when a guy from Sony Music walked by and asked if I wrote tunes. are not. He took my email address and encouraged me to jot down a few bits.

“I did and put them out online. Suddenly, I was meeting other brands as well, but I signed with the one who discovered me first.”

Since then, he has had two top 10 singles, sung on Artists for Grenfell’s Bridge Over Troubled Water, which peaked at number one, while his latest album, Evening Road, also reached number one. No.1 on the chart. In addition to his commercial success, he has also achieved critical success in the music industry

“I’m late to it, but when it happens it’s very quick and very organic – in a way that doesn’t seem to happen very often,” he added.

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