Trump admits his participation in the US presidential election

Former US President Donald Trump once again hinted at a desire to nominate his candidacy. The former head of state stated this on Friday, May 27, at the US National Rifle Association congress in Houston (Texas).

“If I ever do it again, which is to run for president and win, I will no longer feel obligated to follow these rules. I will attack violent crime like no one has ever done,” he promised.

Speaking about the rules, Trump hinted at the events of 2020, when he, as the head of the White House, went to meet the Democratic governors and allowed them to “put things in order on their own” in protest-ridden cities, despite the difficult situation.

Earlier, on May 6, American political scientist Malek Dudakov compared the ratings of the current and previous presidents. The expert came to the conclusion that if the presidential elections in the United States were held now, then Donald Trump would confidently bypass the current head of state, Joe Biden. In addition, he pointed to the results of polls in the United States, according to which Trump quite seriously bypasses Biden by a margin of up to 14%.

The former American leader has already mentioned his willingness to one day compete for a leadership position. So, with a similar statement, he made a rally of supporters in North Carolina on April 9th.

The businessman and politician continues to accuse opponents of falsifying the results of the 2020 presidential election. In addition, he criticizes the current US President Joe Biden. Trump blames him for the energy crisis in the country, the “catastrophe” in Afghanistan, and the beginning of the crisis in the Donbass.

On April 7, in an interview with The Washington Post, Donald Trump said that his decision to run for president in 2024 would be based on the state of his health. At the same time, he stressed that he is currently “in good health.”

On April 3, Trump said that the US administration, led by Joe Biden, had brought the country to the worst of times. In addition, according to him, the physical and mental health of the incumbent president is deteriorating, as well as the state of the whole country.

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