Turkish ANKA drones have learned to detect sea mines

In Turkey, drones have integrated MILSAR radar, which is capable of detecting sea mines in the Black Sea. This is stated in the company Meteksan Savunma. The Turkish company announced that its radar with a synthetic aperture MILSAR and a moving target indicator SAR / MTI has successfully detected sea mines drifting in the Black Sea.

MILSAR can scan large areas of the sea surface, take detailed images and ensure the detection of drifting mines in real time. The MILSAR SAR / MTI radar was integrated into the ANKA unmanned aerial vehicle of the Turkish Navy Command and began mine search in April.

The President of the Defense Industry Agency, Professor Dr. Ismail Demir, announced the development of the use of MILSAR, saying that Turkish UAVs have new opportunities. Turkey has become one of the few countries that can detect sea mines on the sea surface using UAV radar technology through the integration of the ANKA drone with MILSAR.

Synthetic aperture and moving target radars are important sensors for reconnaissance aircraft, as they can continue to provide high-resolution images in weather conditions when electro-optical sensors are ineffective. With a weight of less than 30 kg, high-resolution images from long distances, easy integration into platforms and convenient features, MILSAR increases the power of UAV platforms.

It will be recalled that in January 2022, the Turkish ANKA multi-role drone spent more than 30 hours in the air during one flight. Work on the Anka UAV began in 2004. The first flight was made in 2010. In 2013, it became known about their first order for the Turkish Armed Forces. TAI has developed two versions of the aircraft: Anka Block A and Anka Block B (Anka-S). In the first version, the combat vehicle is capable of performing reconnaissance functions, and Anka-S can carry additional loads in the form of bombs and missiles.

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