Ukraine accounts for more than 37% of Starlink’s global audience

Last week, I. Musk published a post on Twitter, from which it followed that Starlink, owned by SpaceX, began work in the markets of Mozambique and Nigeria. Three days before this publication appeared, one of Musk’s subscribers asked him when Starlink services would become available on the African continent.


The Starlink provider is represented in the markets of more than 30 countries of the world. About 400 thousand people are serving it. Ukraine was supposed to join the Starlink community no earlier than next year. At the request of the head of the Ministry of Digital Development M. Fedorov, our country was connected to the satellite Internet system without a queue. According to the ministry, there are more than 10,000 Starlink Start Kits in Ukraine that allow you to connect to American satellites.

It is no secret that the active development of satellite Internet was due to the war with the Russian Federation. According to the latest data, 150 thousand subscribers use it. Thus, 37.5% of Starlink’s global audience is in Ukraine. Last week, an announcement appeared on the OLX website about the sale of the Starlink starter kit for UAH 34,500. Until recently, ordinary Ukrainians could only purchase Starlink equipment abroad. By the way, SpaceX’s Starlink Start Kit costs $599.

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