Ukrainian created a bot to inform about the appearance of fuel at the nearest gas stations

An IT specialist from Kropyvnytskyi created a tg-bot to get up-to-date information about the appearance of fuel at gas stations in the country. The name of the developer is Roman Bagaty. The “brainchild” he created is called PetrolAlertUA.

The link to the bot created by Roman is

According to the author, attempts to search for fuel through LUN Misto were not the most successful in terms of ease of use and speed of obtaining the required result. As a result, Roman decided to achieve greater automation of the search process by making a number of adjustments. Initially, the developer used his creation exclusively for himself, but over time he decided to share the search engine with his compatriots.

PetrolAlertUA operation algorithm

Tracking the presence of “fuel” at gas stations of the largest fuel suppliers in Ukraine by analyzing information from the websites of gas stations.
Informing subscribers about the time of appearance of fuel, its quantity and variety at specific filling stations of OKKO, WOG, SOCAR and ANP networks (the list of networks regularly changes towards expansion).

To get the most complete information, users need to adapt PetrolAlertUA to their needs (write the name of the region, select the desired type of fuel, etc.)

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