Valorant Patch 4.09 nerfs Chamber finally (latest Update)

Just when you think the current meta for Valorant couldn’t be further shaken up, Riot games release another patch. During Patch 4.09 is only a small one, we finally see some much-needed adjustments made to the chamber and competition lobbies.

There are no major changes to Valorant’s newest agent, Fade, yet. Whether or not she really needs nerfing remains to be seen as players are still trying to unlock and learn her. It will be much easier to judge if Fade will undergo any tweaks after a few weeks or months of settling into the Agent roster. The only changes Fade is undergoing during patch 4.09 are some VFX adjustments to her abilities.

Chamber Mains are a force to be reckoned with, especially at the competitive level. Despite only launching in November 2021, Chamber now has one of the highest pick rates among the top ranks due to his offensive utility and Sentinel class. He can hold a cross with ease, and we’ve all been at fault for his sniping at some point.

Riot has concluded that Chambers’ Trademark ability is just too powerful at the moment compared to the defensive utility of its Sentinel counterparts and given its combat utility. As a result, the team figured it would be best to reduce flank power and chamber intelligence. By reducing his brand traps to just one, Chamber must place his trap carefully and decide whether to support his team or just himself as a defensive agent.

To summarize the changes to Chambers Trademark:

  • Cost increased from 150 to 200 creds
  • Charges reduced from 2 to 1
  • Increased trap audio range

Riot also took the time to talk about Sentinels as a class and how they plan to be used in Valorant. In the patch notes, Riot noted, “We believe Sentinels and Sentinel players should have many options and methods to control and defend them,” before discussing Chamber further: “Like all of our agents, it’s important to have sharp strengths and identify weaknesses for Chamber in the list. If you take him for his arsenal and disengage, you should feel like you’re giving up a strength — like trapping or stalling — that excels at his peers.

As for bugs, some related to Jett have been fixed. These include the bug that sometimes didn’t allow players to cast her Tailwind after bending a downpour for some reason, and a bug where Jett’s ultimate indicator stayed active even after she used up all of her kinai.

Last but not least, there are the updates for competitive play. Perhaps the update I’m most looking forward to is the fact that players can now change the leader of the party in the lobby. Long gone are the days of lobbies disbanding and resuming just so someone else could be the leader.

That’s it for Valorant’s latest patch. What are your thoughts on the chamber nerf and what other agents do you think need updates in the coming months?



Source: vg247

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