Vladislava Zatsarynna resigned as editor-in-chief of DOU

Vladislava Zatsarynna said that she had resigned as the editor-in-chief of the IT portal DOU, but would remain to work for the company in another role.

“As of today, I am no longer the editor-in-chief of DOU. My role is changing: I will be less about the content and more about the overall work of the site, strategy, new directions and team. Officially – Head of Operations.

DOU is not just about content. And it’s time to move on. For now, I will focus on new projects (about them separately) and will continue to establish common processes in the team, “she wrote.

Vladislava Zatsarynna added that there will be no editor-in-chief in the publication yet, and each of the portal’s activities has its own head.

We will remind, the day before the editor-in-chief Sergey Golovnev left “Business.Censor.NET”.

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