What is the difference between Xiaomi Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 6

The Mi Band fitness bracelet is one of the few gadgets that, at first glance, is quite difficult to improve year after year. However, Chinese engineers manage to do it in spite of everything. The recently introduced Mi Band 7 is a prime example. At first glance, the fifth generation does not look much different from the last, but this is not the case – I will be supported by fans of the gadget, not to lie. Today we will understand what has changed in Mi Band 7, how it differs from Mi Band 6 and in which case it needs to be updated.
What does Mi Band 7 look like?

“Do you see change? And they are! – This is exactly what I want to say after seeing the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. In general, the bracelet has recently been called “Mi Smart Band 7”, but the second word is all missed – it is clearly useless. But the enlarged screen is still like! In the updated version, it has grown from 1.56 inches to 1.62 – only 0.6 inches, but on such a compact device it is very noticeable. At the same time increased the resolution of the display from 486 * 152 to 490 * 192, and also made it even brighter (500 nits).

To keep the bracelet in touch with you and not have to activate it often, they added Always On Display mode, which was so lacking: as you know, the function consumes very little energy, and to keep the battery low, the developers increased the battery – from 125 mA * year to 180 mA * year. It is said that this will be enough for Mi Band 7 to work for 2 weeks in normal mode or 9 days – with intensive use.

It will take 2 hours to charge the Mi Band 7 – significantly longer than the Mi Band of any other generation. By the way, if you plan to set a record of autonomy, then study our article on how to do it – the instructions are suitable for Xiaomi fitness bracelet of any generation.
Workouts in Mi Band 7

One of the features of the Xiaomi fitness bracelet is the annual update of training modes – Mi Band 7 has 120. The number of professional sports modes has increased to 4, and the novelty can automatically determine when a user started training – now you do not need to run training to track their Indicators. In addition, the bracelet will tell you how much you need to rest between workouts: to do this, it has implemented a calculator training load.

For fans of running, we have reserved a special version of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro with a GPS tracker: now you will not need to take your phone with you during morning jogs or bike rides to view your route in the app. For this version, even increase the battery – believe me, up to 250 mA * h. Introduce Mi Band 7 Pro should be in one day with Xiaomi 12 Ultra, which, incidentally, we have already written.
Health tracking in Mi Band 7

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 received a smart alarm clock, which was abandoned after the first version of the bracelet: allegedly Chinese users woke up because of the peculiarities of this feature. In any case, the company has done a good job of correcting the mistakes and turning the smart alarm clock back on.

One of the most important innovations of Mi Band 7 is the constant monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2): the bracelet vibrates on your hands if the figure falls below 90%. Here are some more ways to track your health:

Sleep monitoring.
Breathing exercises.
Women’s health monitoring.
Forecast of maximum oxygen consumption during training.
Stress sensor.

Chips Mi Band 7

At first glance, it may seem that the dimensions remain the same, but this is not the case: the width of the bracelet added 2.1 mm (this is immediately visible), but the height and thickness decreased slightly, so the straps from Mi Band 6 will not fit. However, this is not necessary: ​​this year Xiaomi has moved away from traditional one-color accessories and released new ones: two camouflage and fluorescent.

Moisture protection has remained the same, which means that Mi Band 7 can be safely taken to the shower or pool. Apparently, nothing will happen to him if you drown him in the lake, but this is certainly not worth checking. Instead, they improved the Bluetooth version: the new version has version 5.2 instead of 5.0 in last year’s version, which has reduced energy consumption.

How much is Mi Band 7

The bracelet went on sale in China, so traditionally the global version will have to wait a bit. However, there will be a version of Mi Band 7 NFC, which we are waiting for in Ukraine. Here are the prices in China now.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 – 239 yuan (1,000 hryvnias).
Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with NFC – 279 yuan (1300 hryvnias).

Despite the fact that there are not many changes in Mi Band 7, there is still a reason to update. I would be happy to change my Mi Band 4 to a new model. In any case, the Mi Band 7 for China is already on sale.

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