What to do if the ad is not bringing in leads?

What actions to take if advertising spends the budget and does not bring leads, in conditions of properly configured analytics.

Ad in Yandex Direct on search

Ads must be relevant to your page, all information from the page where you are advertising must be exactly as in the ad.

It happens that a client visits the site and sees completely different information, not similar to the one that was in the ad. What is he doing? Immediately leaves, and we get a refusal.

2. Check the correct operation of the site

Every button should work

Be sure to check that all the buttons work, the pages open correctly.

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Check through the web browser how the client uses your site. Perhaps he cannot click on the “Submit Request” button or his phone number is not displayed.

3. Get the number of clicks you need

Ad groups with no clicks yet

Before running the ad, your marketer had to split the audiences/ad groups and say how many clicks you need to get to complete the test. By the way, I wrote in this article how to do this in VK, and I wrote here how to divide ad groups in Yandex Direct.

If the segments have not yet gained the required number of clicks, then we wait until they are typed.

If the test is not successful

Fictitious test statistics without results

After testing, you should have a report in Excel or in any other form for each of the segments (audiences or ad groups).

Based on the data received, your marketer should offer theories why there were no leads, as well as suggest a further test plan.

What to do next?

1. Let’s say you launched Yandex Direct and it didn’t work, try launching the target in VK. Or vice versa, you had VK, launch Yandex Direct.

I had such that for the same audiences in different channels there were completely different results, the case is in this article.

2. Test new ad sets/audiences. You can also test other formats.

Of course, I did not write about all the reasons for the lack of leads. I will add to the list in future articles.

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