What to expect from the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Apple will soon be hosting WWDC to talk and talk about the future of its software platforms, including iOS 16, watchOS 9, and more. In anticipation of the presentation, an insider shed light on some of the updates to be expected and which will be embodied in the iPhone 14, writes Forbes.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg columnist and analyst, literally less than a week before the presentation, “leaked” information about Apple’s new products to the network. According to him, the main one will be the launch of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

“iPhone 14 Pro features will include a new front camera, a Face ID cutout, an A16 chip, and a 48-megapixel rear camera. There will also be the ability to send emergency messages via a satellite network,” says Gurman.

Among other updates, we should expect the Always-on display feature, which the iPhone did not have before, despite the fact that many Android smartphones have it. It will allow you to view the time, reminder, alarm clock and other functions that the consumer can configure on their own, without touching the gadget. And what’s really nice is that it won’t affect battery performance.

Updated programs “Messages” and “Health”. If there is no information regarding the latest information, then according to “Messages”, Gurman states that it will feature “more functionality, similar to a social network, especially in relation to audio messages.”

But the biggest breakthrough, according to the analyst, is a feature that will improve iPadOS 16’s multitasking capabilities: a system tweak that will allow you to freely resize windows, so-so, a full-fledged “desktop”.

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