Why do people have sex? 9 Reasons Revealed

THERE are many reasons people have sex, although most of us do it “for fun.”

And sometimes there can be a difference in why men and women are prompted to have sex, with men citing physical reasons like attraction while women are usually driven by emotions like love.

Other reasons people gave for sex were calorie burning and revenge
Other reasons people gave for sex were calorie burning and revengePhoto credit: Getty – Contributor

1) Why do people have sex?

There are many reasons people have sex, but some themes have evolved over the years.

physical satisfaction

First and foremost, people often have sex simply because it feels good.

This can be for pleasure or simply to relieve tension – or out of physical desirability if you find your partner attractive.

emotional reasons

Many romantic people express their love and commitment to one another through physical intimacy.

Sex can be a way to form a secure, deep bond.


Some people can have sex to boost their self-esteem and confidence.


Unfortunately, it can also come from duty or pressure.

To achieve goals

Others may have sex for what it helps them gain, be it status or power.


And some people have sex as a means of revenge.


For less self-centered reasons, people may have sexual intercourse with the ultimate goal of having a baby.


Some people see sex as a way to gain an advantage in a relationship.

guard buddy

Scientists found that people have sex to “ward off poachers” or competition.

2) What are the differences why men and women have sex?

The researchers surveyed more than 4,500 people and found three reasons for sex among the four most common for men and women.

They’ve been because it’s fun, because it feels good, and because they feel like experiencing physical pleasure.

However, other motivations were very different, the scientists at Ghent University Hospital in Belgium found.

The long list of reasons included boosting self-esteem, boredom, revenge, duty and burning calories.

Director of Studies Dr. Elia Wyverkens said: “Men tend to support reasons that focus on visual sexual cues.

“In contrast, women look for expressions of love and devotion.”


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