Wirtualna Polska Media launches Ukrainian television package

The WP Pilot package, called Ukraine TV, includes 10 entertainment, documentary, film, sports and hobby channels. There is also a channel about cooking and content for teenagers. The package includes the following TV channels: Ukraine 1, Ukraine 2, NLO TV 2, Star Cinema, Star Family, X Sport, “Rybalka TV”, “Dacha”, FILMUADrama, “Kus Kus”.

Those who regularly watch entertainment projects, as well as watch the latest series of the best series and top movies, will undoubtedly appreciate the channels: Ukraine 1, Ukraine 2, Star Cinema, Star Family, FILMUADrama.

The content of NLO TV 2 is primarily comedy series, as well as programs about travel and hobbies.

Dacha is a TV channel for those who like to create beauty with their own hands, are fond of gardening and interior design.

Anyone who wants to know the most secret secrets of cooking, healthy eating and proper nutrition should watch the channel “Couscous”.

“Fisherman TV” is a channel dedicated not only to fishermen, but also to travel and cooking.

Sports fans are not overlooked either. By enabling the XSport channel, viewers will be aware of the most important football, volleyball, basketball games and even MMA and kickboxing fights.

The package will be available on the platform from June 1.

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