Xiaomi introduced its “best” table lamp

Xiaomi has launched an improved modification of the Desk Lamp 1S table lamp, which was introduced in 2019 under the sub-brand Mijia. The new lamp received the Enhanced Version label.


The manufacturer’s report on this matter notes that the Enhanced version provides better light. In addition, it boasts an improved Ra95 color rendering index. On the spectral curve, the ratio of green, red and blue is the same as that of sunlight. Unlike conventional LED lamps, the Desk Lamp provides a softer and more even light.

Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced Version

The table lamp has 42 LED modules of 0.5 W each. Their rated power is 9 watts. The declared service life of the modules is 25 thousand hours. The following modes are available to users:

A computer.

When the focus mode is activated, after a certain time, the table lamp begins to flicker, thereby signaling the user to rest. The device supports simultaneous connection to Apple HomeKit and Mijia applet. It can be controlled by voice commands using Siri and XiaoAI. You can use the hardware buttons to adjust the light brightness and color temperature. The cost of the lamp is 30 USD.

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