Xiaomi refused to update several smartphones to MIUI 13

After the release of the MIUI 13 version based on Android 11, many smartphone users of yesteryear hoped to get the update on their gadgets.


Thanks to beta testers, back in November last year, it became known that all smartphones (on an average budget) released in 2019 received internal testing of the firmware, and in plain language, the company was considering updating these models to the current version of MIUI.

For example, Redmi Note 8 received the first version of MIUI 13 back in December, as evidenced by the following image, which shows that MIUI 13 based on Android 11 has been released for this smartphone.

Testing, during which the developers worked to improve the stability of the system, lasted almost six months until the MIUI 13 version of June 16th.

But now, one of the representatives of the company (on the Xiaomi forum) has officially announced that the development and testing of new versions of MIUI 13 has been stopped, in other words, there is no chance that Redmi Note 8 will be updated.

In addition to Redmi Note 8, the company has finished development for the older model of the series – Redmi Note 8 Pro, which would no doubt have enough performance to work with the new version of the system. And of course, Redmi Note 8T will also not receive the new MIUI.

In addition, there are difficulties with adapting MIUI 13 for some models of the Redmi 9 and Redmi Note 9 series, but no comments have been received from the company, beta versions continue to be released regularly.

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