Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 Supports Seven Ways to Unlock

Chinese company Xiaomi has announced a new smart home product – Smart Door Lock M20 Door Lock. The device is already available for pre-order at an estimated price of $ 270.

Offers a total of seven ways to unlock innovation. Specifically, you can access the room using a regular key. Also, fingerprint detection is supported.

Several password options are supported – permanent, temporary and one-time. Thus, different access situations can be applied to the occupants or guests of the home.

Finally, two more access methods are provided through a mobile application on the smartphone. We are talking about the use of NFC technology and Bluetooth wireless technology.

There are functions to notify homeowners about unauthorized access attempts. Power is provided by eight AA batteries, the charge of which is sufficient for about 10 months of operation. Emergency unlock mode is specified via USB Type-C port.

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