Zelensky about the shelling of Kharkov: Pressure on Russia is a matter of saving lives

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the enemy shelling of Kharkiv, which killed 9 people.

Source: Zelensky’s video message

Direct speech: “Today, Kharkiv was shelled again by the invaders. To date, there are nine people on the list of the dead. 19 wounded. All civilians. A child (five months old) and a father were killed. The mother is in serious condition. Among the wounded in Kharkov there is also a girl of nine years old .

Again missile strikes – Sumy region, again Donbass. Once again, the activation of the artillery of the occupiers in the Zaporozhye region is significant. Again their attempts to bite into the ground in the south of the country.

Pressure on Russia is literally a matter of saving lives. And every day of delay, weakness, various disputes or proposals to appease the aggressor at the expense of the victim, these are new killed Ukrainians. And these are new threats to everyone on our continent.”

What happened before: Since the beginning of the day, 7 air raid signals were announced in Kharkov and the Kharkov region. From 14:43, the military administration informed the population that there was a threat of artillery shelling in the city and region.

Eyewitnesses told reporters that the Russian invaders again began shelling the civilian infrastructure of Kharkov and the suburbs with artillery. It was reported that 7 civilians were killed, 17 were injured, among them a 9-year-old child.”

The Ukrainian defenders are gradually pushing the enemy out of the Kharkiv region so that Russian artillery cannot fire on Kharkov.

About a week ago, people began to return to the city.

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