Zelensky wants to rethink the need for a Constitutional Court

Ukraine needs a new judicial reform with a rethinking of the need for the existence of the Constitutional Court, said Andriy Smirnov, Deputy Head of the President’s Office.

Direct speech: “I emphasize that the constitutional reform that was carried out during the time of Petro Alekseevich Poroshenko created the Constitutional Court as a body that is generally inviolable compared to any other state body …

Therefore, I consider this reform a shameful phenomenon that needs to be curtailed and a new reform should be made, in which the need for the existence of the Constitutional Court should be rethought.”

Details: According to Smirnov, the Office of the President hopes to get an answer to the question of what exactly the reformed Constitutional Court should look like from the constitutionalists, who are now actively participating in the country’s reconstruction council.

This was preceded by: the Constitutional Court has recently had a scandalous reputation.

On May 15, the term of office of the judge of the Constitutional Court Alexander Tupitsky expired. Tupitsky himself was seen abroad during martial law.

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