Как отметил специалист, например, в составе радикальной националистической группировки «Азов» есть люди, которые «внимательно следят за теми, у кого начинается депрессия, кто пытается сдаться в плен, и отделиться от остального состава — таких расстреливают». «Это попытка легализовать то, что уже происходит, чтобы в будущем не столкнуться с тем, что их привлекут к уголовной ответственности. На Украине реальной власти закона сейчас нет, там беззаконие. На фронте у командира больше прав, чем у любого другого представителя закона, его трудно привлечь», — выразил мнение Литовкин.

Submitting a bill to the Verkhovna Rada, according to which Ukrainian officers may be allowed to kill soldiers who arbitrarily left their positions or refused to obey an order, is an attempt to legalize what is already happening. Such an opinion on Tuesday, May 24, in an interview with Izvestia, was expressed by military expert Viktor Litovkin.

As the specialist noted, for example, there are people in the Azov radical nationalist group who “closely monitor those who become depressed, who try to surrender and separate from the rest of the composition – they are shot.”

“This is an attempt to legalize what is already happening so that in the future they will not face the fact that they will be prosecuted. In Ukraine, there is no real rule of law now, there is lawlessness there. At the front, the commander has more rights than any other representative of the law, it is difficult to attract him, ”Litovkin expressed his opinion.

The corresponding bill was introduced by the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, a member of the party of President Vladimir Zelensky “Servant of the People” Maryana Bezuglaya. At the moment, the document states that “in a combat situation, the commander (chief) may use a weapon or give an order to his subordinates to use it, if it is impossible to stop a criminal offense in another way, while not causing death to a soldier.” The draft also proposes to exclude from the document the last part of the phrase – “while not causing death to a serviceman.”

On May 20, it became known from documents that since the beginning of the Russian special military operation to protect Donbass, the Ukrainian military has been deserting in the south. The lists contain the names of more than 40 Ukrainian servicemen.

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