28 people were injured in the crash of a tourist boat in Australia

A tourist boat has crashed off the Kimberley coast in Western Australia, 28 people were injured. This was reported by The Guardian on May 28.

It is noted that the Falls Express vessel with 26 passengers and two crew members capsized at the Horizontal Falls, a major tourist attraction in the Kimberley, Washington area.

According to the newspaper, citing the Royal Perth Hospital, five men and seven women aged 46 to 70 were hospitalized and are now in a stable condition. Two more patients are in stable condition at Broome Hospital.

Washington State Police Regional Commander Brad Sorrell said that while there were no life-threatening injuries, 12 people were seriously injured in the incident and the rest were toppled into crocodile-infested waters.

“At the moment, the details of the incident are still being investigated, we have contacted the relevant authorities,” Sorrell said.

Earlier, on April 29, it was reported that at least 14 people were killed after the crash of the KAZU-1 cruise ship in northern Japan. The ship sent a distress signal on the morning of April 23, after which communication with the crew was lost. There were 26 people on board KAZU-1, including two children. Two helicopters and patrol boats went to the supposed site of the ship’s sinking, and a few hours later the military joined the search.

According to the Iza portal, the crew and passengers of the vessel were wearing life jackets at the time of the sinking of the vessel.

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