5 MIUI tweaks that will improve Xiaomi smartphones

And although they look pretty obvious, the developer sometimes stuffs them into such sections of the operating system that even an experienced user cannot immediately recognize their location. We will show you which MIUI settings should be changed to make your life even better and freer.

Quite an obvious fact, after a telephone conversation, we press the magic red button on the touch screen to end the call. However, for sure, each of us has had situations when, at the most inopportune moment, the call cannot be completed, the smartphone starts to open some windows, or does not respond to your actions at all. If you add to this also uncomfortable conditions, for example, in public transport, then this simple action turns into an attraction. We recommend that you go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Accessibility, open the Physical tab, and turn on the Power button ends call feature. Yes, everything is so simple – after the end of the conversation, press the power button and hang up the call.

Software updates are almost always a blessing. Developers bring new functionality, fix old bugs and generally do a good job. But sometimes a situation arises that the device manufacturer and the firmware developer for them release problematic updates. After such updates, smartphones start to work worse or even turn into bricks. We recommend disabling automatic download and installation of updates to avoid such unpleasant situations. Go to “Settings” > “About phone”, click on the version of Android and then go to the menu with three vertical dots. In the update settings, uncheck the box for automatic download.

Many people like the wallpaper carousel, but it loads the system quite a lot and drains your smartphone. Therefore, in some cases, the carousel should be removed. If you do not plan to use this service on your smartphone, then go to “Settings”\u003e Applications\u003e “Manage applications”.
We are looking for the application “Wallpaper Carousel” and click “Delete”. You can do without uninstallation by simply deselecting “Carousel” in the settings section of the lock screen.

In the latest versions of MIUI, the developer has added a function to expand the RAM. On some devices, especially older state employees with 1-2 GB of RAM, it may be relevant. But many users complain that the use of memory expansion leads to a decrease in performance and a decrease in free space on the smartphone’s drive. Do you want to disable this functionality? Go to “Settings” > “Advanced settings” > “Memory expansion” and deactivate the setting.

MIUI’s silent mode turns off all notifications, but keeps the sounds of multimedia files. If you absolutely cannot make noise, then it would be advisable to completely turn off the sound on your smartphone. Open the “Sound and vibration” section in the settings and find the “Silent” item in it. Turn on the “Mute media in silent mode” setting.

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