85-year-old gamer asks the creators of Skyrim to release a sequel soon to have time to play for life

Grandma-gamer Shirley Curry is worried that she won’t have time to see the sequel, so she demands that Bethesda developers release the next part of the saga about video games Elder Scrolls as soon as possible. The relevant post is posted on the DailyStar portal.

By the way, this grandmother is a popular gamer. For example, on YouTube, she shares video streams of the gameplay. She suffered a stroke a few months ago. And now – demands to continue the game on the stage of the PAX East game conference.

Then the fan asked his grandmother what she would say to the head of the gaming company at the meeting, and here is what she replied:

– What about “Hello”? she told. “No, I would ask him to give me a cool game, and I would ask him to hurry up and finish Elder Scrolls 6. I want to play it before I die.”

Grandma Shirley can even be added to the game as “Shirley-mod for Skyrim for followers”.

The game will probably be released in November.

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