A conversation with Paul Flanagan, Ireland MD at Leading Air Filtration Company: Camfil

It all started with the mission to protect people from poor air quality and the strict requirements in the nuclear industry in Sweden. Since 1963, Camfil has grown from strength to strength and today provides clean air for thousands of different applications around the world.

With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and almost 5,000 employees working in the various production facilities and offices on all five continents, Camfil is the first choice when it comes to air filtration solutions. Our many R&D sites and sales offices are full of staff ready to help with technical questions and provide sound advice on appropriate products that improve air quality, whatever the need or sector.

What do you think makes this company unique?

What makes us unique is our very wide range of products and services that can be used from the pharmaceutical production plant to milk drying in the dairy industry or from public buildings to operating rooms. Our diverse approach to all aspects of our business has convinced people that we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure the customer receives a solution worthy of our good name, whatever the requirements.

We strive to meet the requirements of our customers specific needs and are pleased to confirm that we are number one in our industry. We are the company of choice when it comes to improving indoor air quality in human occupied spaces or processes that require high levels of filtration to meet specific industry criteria and compliance.

How has the company developed in recent years?

Like many other companies, Camfil has evolved into an even more trusted name over the past two to three years. We’ve worked with many other industry leaders to show why

Improving indoor air quality reduces the risk of airborne virus transmission. We remain at the forefront of many projects and the development of new and existing products to make the world a safer place. We have expanded our range of services, giving our customers the ability to ensure their critical installations are carried out professionally. We have increased the level of training we offer to ensure everyone involved is always up to date with industry standards and best practices.

We have continued to invest in educating our own staff on the importance of product selection and recommendations, ensuring we are equipped with the right tools and expertise to provide a solution worthy of our reputation. Now more than ever, we partner with experts in all market segments in a consultative manner to create, develop and improve our entire service and product offering.

What can we expect from Camfil in the future?

As Camfil continues to grow and develop, we strive to provide better services and products to all who need them. Recent experience tells us that people want as much information as possible before contacting a supplier directly. In line with this, we will be introducing changes to our web platforms that will provide a significantly improved experience for a customer who has a concern in a specific industry that requires a specific solution.

We will bring products to market that continue to perform better, but with less impact on the environment than before. We will offer our customers an enhanced experience by educating them about their entire life cycle cost journey. We will continue to take a sustainable approach to everything we do. Above all, we will build and sustain a future that embraces clean air as a human right.

Source: Tech Round

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