A drowning man was rescued on the White Lake in Moscow

In the east of Moscow, a man was rescued from drowning on the White Lake. This was announced on Wednesday, July 6, by the press service of the capital’s department for civil defense, emergency situations and fire safety.

The incident occurred earlier that day in the Kosino-Ukhtomsky district. Rescuers noticed a man calling for help 150 meters from the shore. On the boat, they got to the drowning man and lifted the exhausted swimmer on board. The victim was taken to the Kosino search and rescue station, where they provided first aid, the Moscow news agency reports.

It is clarified that the 38-year-old man did not require hospitalization. They had a preventive conversation with him about the inadmissibility of swimming in a prohibited place, after which they let him go home.

On July 3, a man drowning in a pond was rescued in the north of Moscow. Rescuers swam to the place on a boat, 30 meters from the shore dived for a man sinking to the bottom, picked him up and raised him to the surface.

At the end of June, residents of the capital were told about safe recreation areas for swimming. As the 360 ​​TV channel notes, swimming is allowed in 13 water bodies of the city: in the Levoberezhye recreation area, Putyaevsky Pond No. pond, Black and School lakes, Golovinsky ponds.

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