A mobile optical reconnaissance complex has been created for the Ukrainian military

Ukraine’s defense forces will receive a modern mobile optoelectronic reconnaissance complex to work at the front. The mobile high-tech complex was created by Ukrainian engineers together with volunteers from the NGO “Community Affairs” and the Poroshenko Foundation. The video of the presentation of the car with special equipment was published on YouTube video hosting. Soon, the optical reconnaissance complex will go to the forefront to help the Ukrainian military.

It is reported that the complex has remote optical devices with cameras with 50x zoom and thermal imager, and UAVs are also integrated into the complex. Based on the armored vehicle, the crew has the ability to work autonomously for a week, and the intelligence obtained through “Starlink” to transmit directly to the advanced control point of the group of Ukrainian troops.

This is a mobile high-tech complex with powerful software, for which we thank Ukrspetssystems LLC. I would like to thank the SECUR GROUP – very powerful engineers who turned it into metal. A very large number, thousands of components – it is difficult to assemble, but very powerful and easy to work with, “explains volunteer Gleb Babich.

It is noted that the development uses all the experience of building such stationary optical surveillance systems used in Ukraine. Domestic development costs over two million hryvnias.

We remind you that volunteers of the Return Alive Charitable Foundation have developed a special device for the defenders of Ukraine that allows monitoring the actions of the enemy from closed positions. The “scout video tube” test sample has a camera with a wide viewing angle and a high-resolution screen, which should eliminate the discomfort of using Soviet surveillance equipment and should monitor the enemy’s actions from a closed position. The device is being tested at the forefront in the units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

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