A private plane entered the airspace over the house of Joe Biden

A small private plane mistakenly entered a limited airspace near the US President Joe Bayden on Saturday.

The incident led to the short -term evacuation of the president and the first lady, the White House and the secret service that AP News referred to.

The White House said that there was no threat to Biden or his family, and that precautions were taken. After evaluating the situation, Biden and his wife Jill returned to their house in Rehobot Beach.

The secret service statement says that the plane was immediately removed from a limited airspace after “by mistake entered the protected area.”

The agency said that he would conduct a pilot survey, which, according to a preliminary investigation, did not use the proper radio channel and did not follow the published flight management in this sector.

In accordance with the standard practice of presidential trips beyond the borders of Washington, the Federal Civil Aviation Department published restrictions on flights at the beginning of this week before Biden’s visit to the beach town. The restrictions include a useless zone with a radius of 10 miles and a 30-mile forbidden zone.

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