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Background: Since 2001 and originally known as Inquinet, the company “A2 Hosting” was reborn in 2003 with the new name Ann Arbor, Michigan – in recognition of the birthplace of the founder of A2 Hosting. The company’s data centers are strategically located in Amsterdam, Singapore and of course Michigan. This gives them a good global spread that covers all equal parts of the earth.

Starting price: 2.99

Currency: USD

Go online: https://www.a2hosting.com
Review summary and ratings

Reasonable pricing, excellent server performance, and powerful hosting features – A2 Check all the correct boxes required for a stable and fast website. I think A2 Hosting is a great choice for most users who are looking for a mid-range web hosting solution.

My experience with A2 hosting

I first started in 2013 with A2 hosting which was then known as A33 Prime Plan. This is roughly equivalent to what has been proposed today under the A2’s drive plan.

With this A2 hosting review, I’ll take you backstage and see how things work on A2 hosting. I will share with them my experience as a client as well as the data I have collected (from this test site) on their server performance over the years.


  • Excellent server performance speed
  • Well optimized for speed
  • Reliable hosting uptime
  • Money back guarantee at any time
  • Free website migration too
  • Choice of location of four servers
  • Scalable: VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Hosting
  • Specialized share developing environment


  • Downgrade migration is chargeable
  • Turbo Plan does not support Ruby / Python

A2 Hosting Services Overview

Features A2 Hosting
Server plan Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting
Shared hosting $ 2.99 – $ 12.99
VPS hosting $ 6.59 – $ 143
Dedicated hosting $ 110 – $ 530
Reseller hosting $ 24.99 – $ 59.99
WordPress Hosting $ 17.99 – $ 47.99
Server location North America, Asia, Europe
Website builder A2 Website Builder
Sources of energy Offset with traditional and green certificates
Free trial 30 days
Control panel cPanel
Free SSL support Yes
Payment SSL RapidSSL – 49.99 / year
Popular option Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Hostinger
Customer support Telephone, Email Ticketing System, Live Chat (Sales)
Telephone number. 1 (734) -222-4678
Payment Credit card, PayPal

1. Great hosting performance

Below the standard test TTFB 400 ms, it is rated on various tests

Speed ​​is one of the main performance indicators. To determine the speed of A2Hosting, we host a simple website on A2 Hosting and run regular speed tests on different tools – and I was fascinated by A2 Hosting Server. Overall speed results consistently showed outstanding ratings in both Bitcoin and WebPageTest.org.

2. Sharing plans are well-suited

Server speed is a key point in web hosting. Gradually the server will say “oh-oh” to your site traffic as fast as you can.

There is research on web performance indicating that a mere 1 second reduction in site load time can lead to a 7% improvement. Conversion rate and page views increased by 11%. Your site hosting turns it on a slow server and your traffic is likely to be stagnant.

This explains why my hosting review places so much emphasis on server performance.

A2 Hosting “Speed ​​Features”

The fantastic speed I’ve shown you would probably not be possible without first-class infrastructure integration with specialized server optimization.

At a glance, here are the “Speed ​​Features” A2 covered in their shared server hosting plans.

Features Startup Drive Turbo Boost
SSD repository 100 GB Unlimited N / A
NVM storage (3x faster) N / A N / A Unlimited
Physical memory 700 MB 1 GB 2 GB
Original 1 2 2
Server location 4 4 4
HTTP / 3 (30% faster) No. No. Yes
A2 optimized Yes Yes Yes
Server rewind backups No. Yes Yes
Sign up price $ 2.99 / Months $ 5.99 / Months $ 6.99 / Months


3. Highly reliable hosting

In addition to speed, availability is also important. If your servers are down half the time, the world’s fastest servers are of no use. A2 hosting also works great in this regard. In most cases you have more than 99.99% availability, above the industry standard

To monitor hosting performance, our team developed a system called HostScore. The image below shows the app 2 hosting uptime statistics that we collected in January and February of 2020.

4. Money back guarantee at any time

Thanks to the 30-day money back guarantee, you can sign up for A2 Hosting and change your mind if you are dissatisfied with what you bought. Plus – I’ve seen A2 Hosting do well in their money back guarantee, so you can feel safe in their promise that it’s “risk free, hassle free, worry free”.

If you change your mind after the 30-day honeymoon expires, you can still get a refund from the company for unused services.


Final Thoughts: Should You Pay for A2 Hosting?

If you don’t already have a hosting provider, here’s a little to consider. The A2 offers powerful features and great customer experience at a responsible price – good for both the host and the customer through any account.

Their high-performance servers, impressive uptime and good spread of plans make them easily enjoyable regardless of their needs. I would strongly recommend that they check all the right boxes for a stable and fast website.

So yes, A2 hosting is a good choice.

A2 Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the A2 hosting located?

A2 Hosting has servers in three main regions – the United States, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

How much does A2 hosting cost?

A2 Hosting’s cost ranges from 2.99 to $ 12.99 per month, yet all shared hosting plans (excluding startup plans) include unlimited storage and data transfer, along with free SSDs. As long as you opt for the cheapest plan, the rest also fills up for unlimited websites, email accounts and databases.

How do I access 2 hosting on cPanel?

You can access your A2 Hosting cPanel account through your client dashboard or directly through your site’s cipanel address. The latter should have been provided to you as part of your boarding package.

Which hosting is best for WordPress?

There are many good providers of WordPress hosting. While A2 offers some special optimizations like hosting, others prefer to build their entire business based on Kinsta WordPress hosting.

Sharing hosting slow?

In general, shared hosting servers usually have more subscribers on the server which increases the chances of performance loss. By comparison, VPS hosting will be faster as fewer users share each server and resources are guaranteed. However, the quality of the hosting server should also be taken into consideration.

Is shared hosting secure?

Shared hosting is less secure than other types of hosting because of the shared environment and resources. An infection can spread to the same site and infect other websites on the same server.

How do I cancel my A2 hosting account?

To cancel your account or a product including A2 Hosting:

1. Login to your A2 Hosting Customer Portal
2. Click “My Services”
3. Under “My Products and Services”, identify the product you want to cancel and click “Manage”
4. Click “Request Cancellation”. Note that after cancellation, you will have a 14-day grace period after the final billing period. If you change your mind during this time, you can still reactivate your account, leaving all your data intact.

How long does it take to get a refund from A2 Hosting?

Wait 10 – 2 days for your refund after you cancel your A5 hosting account. The number of waiting days varies slightly depending on your bank and location. As soon as you see your bank or credit card statement you will know that you have received your refund.

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