According to the head of Nokia, smartphones will become a thing of the past

The smartphone is the closest technological friend of each of us. It allows you to perform important tasks and have fun. The capabilities of gadgets are changing as the mobile Internet develops. This makes experts talk about the transition of mankind to completely different types of devices, writes Telecom.

Although the 5G standard does not really work and is not widespread, it promises a new type of treatment for content and types of equipment. Presumably with augmented reality glasses.

Nokia CEO Peck Lundmark is confident that smartphones in their current form will be a thing of the past. Not just because of 5G, but because of 6G

“By that time, the smartphone as we know it today will certainly no longer be the most common interface,” he said.

His words are also suggestive of the AR/VR glasses revolution. For the average user, they will be a novelty.

Recall that earlier wrote that an unhackable smartphone was released in China.

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