Adobe will make the web version of Photoshop free

Adobe software developer is testing a free web version of Photoshop. The company plans to make it free for all users, although some features will be available only in the paid version. This was reported by The Verge.

What happened

Adobe has begun testing a free version of Photoshop. The company wants to make the web version of the application free for all users. The free version of the photo editor is currently available for users in Canada, but will be available worldwide later.

However, the company says that some features will remain available only for paid accounts. But for the basic use of Photoshop, the free version will suffice. So the company wants to introduce Photoshop to as many people as possible, who will later switch to the paid version.

The web version of the photo editor first appeared in October 2021. For the first time, you could only open projects that were created in the desktop version of Photoshop. But now any user of the program can register or log in to their account and create a new project.

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