AirPods 2 vs AirPods 3: are there any differences?

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Apple has made some major changes for music lovers with its AirPods. Apple’s wireless earphones have made things easier, users don’t have to worry about tangled cords.
In addition, these headphones have shown that it is possible to enjoy good sound quality even on small devices.

Apple currently has four models, three of which are on-ear (Airpods 2, 3, and Pro) and one is on-ear (AirPods Max). Below we will list the main differences between the second and third generation models to help you choose.

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The most important point of any headset, whether Bluetooth or not, is the sound quality. And in this aspect, both models can be considered successes of Apple. The quality, both low and high frequencies, is pleasant, without distortion and with a clearly defined sound.

In this sense, the main difference is spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, which is only present in Airpods 3. With this feature, the sound comes from different places, similar to the feeling when you listen to music at a live concert or watch a movie in a good movie theater.

Another important feature of the third generation model is the presence of a microphone covered with acoustic mesh, which reduces wind noise during calls. This makes your voice clearer for the person you are speaking to. But it’s worth remembering that both the Airpods 2 and 3 don’t have active noise cancellation.

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Apple has also made some important changes here. The second generation model has five hours of battery life on a single charge, and the included case provides another 24 hours of audio. For the third generation model, headphone playback time is increased to six hours, with an additional 30 hours of audio in the charging case.

If you’re going to be using them for calls, the Airpods 2 has an autonomy of up to 3 and a half hours of talk time on a charge, while the 3 extends that to 4 hours.

Both models have fast charging, and on the second generation model, 15 minutes in the case provides up to 3 hours of audio or up to 2 hours of talk time. On the third generation model, 5 minutes in the case guarantees approximately 1 hour of audio or 1 hour of talk.

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In terms of appearance, Apple decided to bring the new model closer to the Airpods Pro design. While the previous phone had a slightly longer brace and a slightly less rounded design, the latest model has changed those features, giving it a more premium feel.

In addition, the charging case of the new model also looks more like the top one from Apple. With a more modern look, it also guarantees MagSafe wireless charging, which offers the aforementioned charges in just 5 minutes in a case.

Additional functions

In conclusion, some additional features of the Airpods 3 should be highlighted, such as the IPX4 certification, which guarantees protection against water splashes or sweat. Another novelty for the latest model is the presence of touch controls to pause, fast forward or return songs.

The controls also let you answer calls and activate Siri manually. And the new headphones have technology capable of sensing the difference between light and heavy touches for different commands.

Finally, both models have an accelerometer that allows you to call Siri with a voice command and a simplified message.

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If you don’t know how to connect Bluetooth headphones, configuration is pretty easy with AirPods. Just bring them close to your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, tap connect, and the headphones pair with any device registered with your iCloud account. And if you have an Android device, pairing is the same as with other Bluetooth headphones.

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