Alexa’s voice assistant will mimic the voices of the dead

Amazon is already working on a new update for Alexa voice assistant.

It will mimic the voices of anyone, even if she is already dead, writes CNBC.

With this feature, the company wants to help people “keep memories” of deceased relatives. Especially considering how many people have died from Covid-19.

During the presentation, Amazon Vice President and Alexa Chief Research Fellow Rohit Prasad asked the voice assistant to read “The Wizard of Oz” in Grandma’s voice. After that, the device changed its sound.

TechCrunch clarified that the voice assistant will need an audio recording of the speech, lasting no more than 1 minute. After analysis, the column will be able to “preserve” the nature of the speech of another person, including the one who has already died.

A recent investigation into the origin of Covid-19 was unsuccessful. Mostly due to a lack of data from China, the World Health Organization said. The organization called it another blow to its many years of efforts to determine how the pandemic began.

The report states that all evidence suggests that the coronavirus originated from bats. This conclusion is similar to what the UN made in 2021 after a trip to China.

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