CIA spies transmit secret data in Kyiv, NATO commando network operates across the country – NYT

American journalists learned from their sources that CIA special agents in Kyiv are passing secret data to the Ukrainian authorities, and an underground network of special forces from different NATO countries is operating throughout Ukraine.

Source: The New York Times, citing several unnamed U.S. and European officials

Details: A number of agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency operate in Kyiv, which transmit extremely secret US intelligence data directly to the Ukrainian military-political leadership.

American officials are aware that the presence of these agents in Kyiv is known to Russian intelligence agencies.

At the same time, these special agents are specialists in countering terrorism and organizing underground struggles in countries like Iraq or Afghanistan. According to CIA veteran and former Deputy Director of the Pentagon Intelligence Agency Douglas Wise, Ukrainians need expertise in conventional ground military tactics against the regular army, not experts in guerrilla warfare, as they did in Afghanistan.

Several dozen special operations forces (commandos) from different NATO countries continue to operate inside Ukraine, including from the UK, Lithuania, Canada and France. Some of them are permanently in Ukraine, and some are on a rotational basis: periodically traveling abroad and returning to Ukraine.

This network of special agents is coordinating the routes for transporting Western weapons from Ukraine’s borders to frontline units, as well as training and briefing Ukrainian troops, according to three U.S. officials.

These commandos coordinate their actions with NATO focal points in Europe, including in Germany, Poland and France.

Officials said that a coordination center at the Ramstein military base in Germany, for example, is responsible for escorting and assisting the Ukrainian Air Force.

Both European and American sources told the New York Times that the commandos do not participate in combat operations on the front lines, but help with advice and intelligence through secret communication channels or at military bases deep in the rear in Ukraine.

At the same time, some military officers who cooperated with the Armed Forces of Ukraine expressed their dissatisfaction with the way training and instruction is currently taking place.

One of the officials of the previous US presidential administration said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are losing a hundred people every day due to poor field medicine. According to him, the Ukrainian military is not always able to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield.

According to the interlocutor of the publication, the US government could share modern military first aid tools and help with the establishment of field intermediate hospitals, in which the wounded can be stabilized for further evacuation to the rear.

Recently, several Ukrainian soldiers were taken to Germany for training in military medicine. The trainings are conducted by officers of the “green berets” of the United States (special operations forces).

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