Alternative to diesel fuel and gasoline: VDTSU advocates development of methane refueling network

HBO on methane can be installed on diesel and gasoline cars. Ukraine does not experience a shortage of this type of fuel, which is cheaper on the stock exchange than gasoline – UAH 29.

In Ukraine, in conditions of fuel shortage, it is necessary to develop retail sales of compressed natural gas (LNG, or methane) and encourage car owners to install HBO on methane. This was stated by the head of the LCA Operator of Ukraine (VTSU) Serhiy Makogon.

According to him, compressed methane can help alleviate the fuel crisis. Currently, this type of fuel is sold at Ukravtogaz without queuing.

In addition, the state supports the use of this type of fuel. In particular, the program of compensation for the costs of installing HBO through a tax rebate continues. The Verkhovna Rada also passed laws (drafts №3477 and №3476), which, according to Makogon, provide for tax exemption for gas imports.

Naftogaz and Ukravtogaz must record the cost of methane (up to UAH 35) at the CNG filling station and guarantee the operation of all stations. Currently, the cost of methane on the stock exchange is UAH 29 per cubic meter. m, which is much cheaper than gasoline, “- wrote the head of VDSU.

Also, according to him, the opening of new methane filling stations should be simplified in Ukraine. Especially since the country covers domestic needs due to its own production. In the future, LNG will be BioMethan.

Makogon added that HBO on methane can be installed on both gasoline and diesel cars. Ukraine still has a significant amount of LNG transport, especially freight. Today, drivers of such cars do not have problems with refueling, because methane is transported by pipes, not fuel trucks.

“Electric cars are the future of personal transport. But for heavy machinery, buses, and municipal transport, methane is a real alternative to diesel and gasoline, ”Makogon concluded.

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