AMD will release the cheapest video card for computers

It became known that AMD is developing another video card Navi 24. Most likely it is the Radeon RX 6300.

Judging by the ID, the new video card could also be an update to the RX 6500 XT or RX 6400. But journalists suggest that the new RX 6300 with performance below the RX 6400 is likely to come out.

At the moment, the characteristics of the video card can only be assumed. However, AMD already has a mobile version called RX 6300M. It has 768 cores, as in older models, but less memory bandwidth, cache size and clock speed. If AMD converts the 6300M ​​desktop version, it will probably have a lot in common with its mobile counterpart and will probably become the slowest AMD RDNA 2 graphics processor for desktops.

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