Anadolu: Russian military are strengthened in the north of Syria

The Russian military conducted air intelligence around the city of Tal Rifat and the surrounding areas in the north of Syria to strengthen their positions, Anadolu Turkish agency reports.

It is also reported that the Russian military was delivered to the airfield “Kamyshly” air defense systems of the shell-s1.

The publication of Anadolu says that the Russian army is trying to “prevent terrorist groups supported by Iran, to strengthen its influence in tal rifate.”

In this context, the Turkish agency claims that the Russian military at the end of May did not allow meetings between representatives of the Kurdish command and Iranians, applying Grad for this.

Anadolu writes about an increase in the number of Russian troops in the Syrian regions of Ain-Isa, Tal-Tamer, Manbij, Ain El-Arab and Kamyshla.

On May 6, the Israeli Debka website reported that the Russian units deployed in Syria are allegedly gathering at Khmeimim, Kamymim, Dir Az-Zur, and T4 air bases, “ready to transfer some of them to the Ukrainian front.” With reference to the unnamed military sources, Debka claimed that “Russians are transferring the key bases of the Iranian revolutionary guard and” Hizballa “.” This publication of the Debka website was not confirmed by any sources in Israel or in Syria.

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