Android Secrets: Never Touch These Settings

We are happy to share our experience with users, to make them a little wiser in terms of using a smartphone. We also try to give useful tips that will help you avoid unpleasant situations with smartphones.

Today we will talk about settings that are categorically not recommended to be activated and changed by inexperienced users. The first thing to say about obtaining developer rights. Yes, many applications and fine-tuning require this mode to be activated, but there are many pitfalls here. In addition to the fact that you yourself can accidentally make unwanted changes to your smartphone, active developer mode opens up great opportunities for scammers. If we draw analogies, this is like an open back door that can be useful, or can be used by bad people.


Approximately the same situation with Root-rights. And although it has become much more difficult to get them, and the need for Root has practically disappeared, we do not recommend “rooting” your smartphone. Also, do not delete any system files in the memory of the mobile device. You can simply turn your favorite smartphone into a brick, and it will be problematic to bring it back to life.

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