Android smartphones will learn to eavesdrop on their owners while they sleep

Technology giant Google is testing snoring and cough monitoring for its Google Pixel smartphones and Pixel Watch. Its goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the sleep quality of its users.

This was reported by the portal 9to5google, UNIAN reports.

The experts of the resource found lines of code in the application Google Health Studies, which states that to participate in the study, the user must be a full-time employee of Google and have a phone on Android. Funny, it is possible to participate only in those who sleep without the presence of an employee of any competitor.

This works as follows: The Cough and Snoring Monitor will use the device’s microphone to record all sounds during sleep. It is reported that all information will be stored locally and will not be transmitted anywhere for processing.

It is unclear when the option will be available to regular users.

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