Android smartphones without official support threaten safety

By September 2022, almost a third of all Android -based smartphones will work under the control of an outdated, not so protected operating system. Android devices occupy approximately 70% of the market, many of which are a threat to security because Google no longer support them.

Android smartphones without official support threaten safety

One of the problems of Android is the fragmentation of the OS. Over the past 14 years, Google has released a lot of Android versions. Only three of the last versions continue to receive support. And this is not surprising, because usually companies after a while stop accompanied by certain products.

Google supports each new version of the OS on average 3 years, but annually releases a new version. It is clear that many people continue to use their devices for many years, which is a huge risk to their online security.

Bitdefender specialists have studied devices where Bitdefender Mobile Security works on Android. For comparison, the latest version is Android 10, whose validity will expire in September 2022, when Google announces Android 13.

It is worth noting that Bitdefender actively supports Ukraine in wartime and provides free licenses to Ukrainian companies. All existing customers who need to continue the Bitdefender subscription, as well as new users of Ukraine can contact the Bitdefender official distributor in Ukraine.

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