Luna cryptocurrency founder organized the crash of the project on its own

The address is guilty of the deadly for Terra transaction is owned by Terraform Labs. This means that the collapse was caused by internal actions, not from outside attacks, as it was thought before.

This is written by Coindesk Korea, which, in conjunction with Uppsala Security, is investigating events that resulted in Terra’s collapse.

It is an address 0x8D47F08bc555554504742F5472121A43D4947D0A, which is denoted as “wallet a”. In order to go to its owner, experts analyzed the history of transactions.

It turned out that on May 7, 150 million USTs that maintained liquidity were withdrawn from the Defi ecosystem on the DEFI ecosystem of Terra. Of these, 85 million UST was exchanged for USDC, the rest of the tokens were sent to various cryptocurrencies around the world. This accelerated the UST deprivation, after which the liquidity was fused with the wide masses of ordinary holders.

Many analytical companies have previously indicated a wallet A as an attacker who allegedly belongs to a financial company with Vhl-Street.

It was also found that from the address Terra1yl8l8l5dz4jhnzzhnzxq6pdezd2Z4qgggrd82k – it is denoted by “purse a (t)” – a large amount of UST was denoted by “purse a”. It became known that A (t)-Hamanets constantly sent UST to binance-now it is accused of withdrawing TFL funds on the cryptocurrency.

The scheme also involved other addresses whose transaction was tracked by experts. They came to the conclusion that these addresses are owned by one person or organized group whose actions have contributed to the collapse of Terra.

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