Anonymous said that hacked the government sites of Belarus

Anonymous hackers say they have hacked Belarusian government sites “for involvement in the invasion of Ukraine.”

Source: Twitter Anonymous

Literally: “Anonymous’s massive attack on the Belarusian government for involvement in the invasion of Ukraine. All of their largest government websites are offline.”

For reference: Anonymous is an international group of hackers and cyber experts who, for political reasons, are fighting in cyberspace with governments, political structures and elites.


  • After Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine began, Anonymous declared cyber warfare against Russian government officials, politicians and government propagandists.
  • Hackers hacked the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense and disseminated personal data of employees of the occupation agency.
    On February 26, hackers launched websites of the Kremlin, Roskomnadzor, the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a number of state news agencies, and turned on Ukrainian music on state television. hackers also hacked the website of the Chechen government’s government, which supports Putin and Russia’s war against Ukraine.
  • In March, Anonymous announced the hacking of Russian streaming services and state TV channels and the website of Russia’s state nuclear energy corporation Rosatom.

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