Apple breaks into the top three most profitable gaming companies

Analytical company NewZoo has updated the income ranking of the leaders of the gaming industry. The list turned out to be not the most obvious – according to the results of last year, the Chinese publisher took the first place, and Apple, which is usually not associated with the video game market, got into the top 3.

According to the source, in total in 2021, gaming companies earned a total of more than $126 billion – 17.7% more than last year. The leader in terms of revenue was Tencent, which owns such titles as League of Legends and PUBG Mobile. Sony is in second place – despite a drop in revenue compared to 2020, the vendor received an income of $ 18.2 billion.

The third line in the list was occupied by Apple, which managed to bypass competitors such as Google and Microsoft. But Nintendo lost even scandalously to Activision Blizzard, placing in eighth place (ninth – in EA). Analysts predict that this year the balance of power in the gaming market may noticeably change after Sony’s purchase of Bungie (the developer of Destiny), and Microsoft’s deal with Activision Blizzard.

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