APU began to use a new kamikaze drone with vertical takeoff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received a new loitering ammunition with the VTOL system, which allows it to take off vertically. According to Ukraine Weapons Tracker, the Ukrainian army received British-American PHOLOS kamikaze drones.


Loitering ammunition PHOLOS was designed by engineers from the North American company Ascent Aerosystems together with colleagues from the British Overwatch Aerospace. It can stay in the sky for up to 45 minutes. The drone uses an optoelectronic infrared camera to detect targets.

Earlier, the British authorities promised to transfer loitering ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nothing was officially announced about their deliveries. The drone, captured in the photograph published by Ukraine Weapons Tracker, looks different from the standard PHOLOS VTOL. However, this loitering ammunition is available in several modifications. It is possible that the photo is one of them.

According to military observers, the published photograph may show an Israeli Spike Firefly kamikaze drone or an American Phoenix Ghost. The latter was delivered to Ukraine in the amount of 121 units, but not a single photo of it was officially published.

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