Sony to stop making PlayStation 4 games by 2025

During a recent presentation to investors, Sony announced plans that the company will stop releasing in-house games for the PlayStation 4 as early as 2025. Sony is expected to focus on releasing more online games in the coming years. Also, problems with the supply of the PlayStation 5 are being solved – next year the new console should overtake the previous generation system in sales.

The PlayStation 5 was introduced at the end of 2020 and since then it has been in constant demand, largely due to the lack of consoles on sale. Although Sony has been trying to ship worldwide, even after the release of the new model, the development of updates and the release of games for the PlayStation 4 continued – the company has maintained a policy of supporting consoles for several years. Most likely, Sony expects that by the end of support for the PlayStation 4, most of its owners will already have time to switch to the PlayStation 5.

In a recent investor presentation, Sony showed how the PlayStation 5 compares to its previous generation of consoles and talked about some plans for the gaming segment.

Sony itself does not provide new game releases for the PlayStation 4. As previously reported, the company intends to focus on the release of games for PC, PlayStation 5 and smartphones. In addition, this year the PlayStation 5 should catch up with its predecessor in terms of sales, and next year it will overtake. At the same time, not a word was said about the plans for the production of a potential PlayStation 5 Pro. So far, only rumors have been circulating about the possible cooperation between Sony and AMD in this area.

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