Armenian opposition began blocking the entrances to the presidential palace

During the protests on Wednesday, May 25, on Baghramyan Avenue in Yerevan, the opposition began blocking the entrances to the presidential palace.

The demonstration procession is led by deputies of the Armenian parliament from the opposition factions and vice-speaker Ishkhan Saghatelyan. All entrances are blocked at the moment. The broadcast is conducted by the Armenian edition of PARA.TV on YouTube video hosting.
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Will Pashinyan be able to resist this time?

The police stopped the traffic and push the citizens away from the gates to the presidential palace, the protesters continue to chant anti-government slogans demanding the resignation of the current Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan.

In the opinion of the audience, not in the interests of Armenia, but out of some of his own considerations, close to friendship with Turkey and Azerbaijan, President Vahagn Khachaturian also conducts politics.

“We are here because the person who sits here also serves Turkish and Azerbaijani interests,” Aspram Krpeyan, a member of the Armenian parliament, said.

A day earlier, opposition supporters in Yerevan broke through the police cordon and blocked the entrances to the building of the Armenian Foreign Ministry.

On May 20, a number of opposition deputies tried to enter the hall of one of the hotels in Yerevan, where Pashinyan arrived at a forum on democracy issues. However, they were not allowed to go there, as a result of which there was a scuffle with the guards.

Anti-government actions, marches and rallies have been held in Yerevan since April 17. The protesters express their disagreement with the position of Pashinyan, voiced by him in parliament on April 14, which is the need to “lower the bar on the status of Karabakh” and sign a peace agreement with Azerbaijan.

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