Artist Madyanov revealed his attitude to the “cancellation” of Russian culture in the West

Honored Artist of Russia Roman Madyanov, in an interview with Izvestia, answered the question of how he feels about the attempts of a number of Western countries to ban Russian culture.
“If you are an artist brought up in Russian culture, who needs you there?”
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“I am not at all interested or concerned about what the West thinks about our culture. I care about what is happening in my country, that’s all. I want everything to be normal and calm here. Let’s figure it out, we’ll find out for ourselves. And we don’t have to tell us,” said Madyanov.

In addition, the artist commented to Izvestia about his role in the filming of the film based on the fairy tale “By Pike” by the STV film company.

“Now they are starting to shoot fairy tales. I was invited by Sergei Selyanov to the film “By the Pike’s Command.” Directed by Alexander Voitinsky. I will play the king. It’s been four days of filming. I got great pleasure from the process, ”the actor shared.

Madyanov is sure that films for children will help change the situation in the domestic cinema.

“There are many ideas for work. Open books, Russian folk tales, the plots of which are stolen from us by foreigners and remade in their own way. So why are we sitting here?!” asked Madyanov.

The actor is optimistic about the future of the film industry.

“I think that in the presence of endless talented people, our cinema will find a way out of this situation. Because our country could and knows how to create true works of art. The USSR proved it. There was a great Soviet cinema,” he said.

According to the actor, Russian cinema can also be successful, for this “you just need to get together and get down to business.”

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