“Artyomsol” stopped work because of the war: Ukraine will have to import more salt from abroad

SE “Artyomsol” – the largest salt mining enterprise in Europe – stopped work in April due to hostilities. The stock of finished products was taken out in April.

Acting spoke about this to Vilny Radio. director of SE “Artyomsol” Victor Yurin.

“The enterprise does not work, it is idle, according to the order, until an indefinite time. The shelling is constant, the administrative building is partially destroyed.

There were direct hits in the mines, the material composition. The production process is not possible. We’re not putting people in danger. Moreover, most of the residents of Soledar, employees of the State Enterprise “Artyomsol” have already been evacuated. Most of the employees of the administration, engineers and technicians (engineering and technical workers – ed.) are not in place,” the head of the enterprise said.

According to him, no one was injured or killed at the GP.

Yurin explained that the enterprise was stopped back in April, because it became impossible to export finished products from Soledar by rail.

“Our Sol junction station, where we pulled up wagons from our sidings, is regularly shelled. Artyomsol is mainly focused on the shipment of products by rail.

By car, we can take out only a small part. Therefore, even under normal circumstances, we need to ship the mined salt into something (railway cars – ed.). And if the railway is not working, we can’t actually do it either,” he explained.

According to him, the stock of finished products from the State Enterprise “Artyomsol” was taken out in April.

The head of the State Enterprise “Artyomsol” believes that now Ukraine will have to import more salt from abroad.

“In order for salt to be on sale, it must be made. In some stores [our salt] is probably there. I met in Kyiv, in Vinnitsa. But Turkish, Romanian salt appeared … While the battles are going on, we will have to replace [ our salt] imported,” he added.

According to him, the shutdown of the State Enterprise “Artyomsol” will be felt by consumers abroad.

“We were the largest salt mining enterprise in Europe. Among our regular customers are Hungary, Poland, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Romania,” Yurin added.

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