Azerbaijan limited access to one of the main Kremlin media due to “slanderous and separatist trends”

In Azerbaijan, access to one of the main Putin propaganda media is limited – the RIA Novosti information Internet resource. This was reported by the Turkish news agency “Anadola” with reference to the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan.

It is noted that restriction of access to information Internet resources is associated with cases of information posting, the distribution of which is prohibited in the Azerbaijani Republic and is regulated by the Law “On Information, Informatization and Protection of Information”.

“Distribution of RIA” Novosti “information directed against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, which promotes slanderous and separatist trends, is a violation of the requirements of the Law” On Information, Informatization and Protection of Information “, and on the basis of this Law of Azerbaijan, access to the information Internet resource of this agency in the territory Countries are limited, ”the ministry notes.

The ministry also noted that the distribution of such information by the agency “is not the first time and is systematic.”

The report recalls that earlier the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Leila Abdullaeva said that the distribution of information that opens against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, propagating the slanderous nature and separatist trends, does not correspond to the spirit of friendly relations between Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation.

“This step of the state union contradicts the provisions of the agreement on friendship, security and strategic partnership between the Azerbaijan Republic and the Russian Federation of 1997 and the declaration of allied interaction of 2022“ to refrain from any activity directed against the principles of the UN Charter and the territorial integrity of each other ” as well as “counteract the threats of separatism,” Abdullaeva said.

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