Batman and Judge Dredd author Alan Grant dies at 73

Batman and Judge Dredd comic book writer Alan Grant passed away on the morning of July 21 at the age of 74. It is reported by the tabloid The Sun.

Friends of the British writer and his wife confirmed the death of the star and published farewell posts on their Facebook pages (owned by Meta, recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation).

Alan Grant died this morning. My thoughts are first with his wife Sue and then with his extended family, but thousands upon thousands of people around the world will be saddened and shocked when the news spreads,” wrote friend and artist Ivor Davis.

He also, as a tribute, asked Grant’s fans to find any of his comics and re-read to “revisit the moments of joy that Alan Grant brought to the world and their lives.”

Alan Grant worked on Superman comics and was involved in the creation of the animated series Harley Quinn and Batman. While working on comics, he created such heroes as Victor Zas, the Ventriloquist, Anarchy and many others.

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